When it comes to Health & Safety, we take no chances.

September 2021, our business embarked on a new health and safety journey and direction, We had begun to learn about a Health and Safety accreditation called Tòtika which formed part of CHASNZ’s vision to create a common standard and streamline the current pre-qualification process.


What we saw in terms of value in this process for our business, is that it would give our current and future clients, trust in that we wanted to stand above competitors and develop the correct internal health and safety structure and systems required to manage our people and projects moving forward.

Being recognised and awarded these accreditations was no easy feet, We were recognised as a Category 3 business in terms of business risk due to our industry, yet we had only 8 employee’s. It made us look at where we were currently and where we needed to go to, what improvements were required from our management and people, but the overall trust and assurance it would give our people, our industry partners and our clients, is that we have left no stone unturned when it comes to growing our business and creating the right foundations, a safe working environment for the future.


Our catch phrase is “Raising the Standards”, I started this business in 2017 with a vision of having a point of difference. I named our business Evolution Scaffolding Ltd, because I love the concept of evolving, Scaffold evolves everyday, different systems, safer ways to do things, evolving with new trends in the future, so always trying to be better and more effective then the day before is at the core of why our business has continuously evolved since our beginning.


As the Director, I am proud of these achievements, the culture we are developing with our people and the relationships we are creating. I have created a vision of becoming a Scaffold industry Health and Safety trend setter in the next 2 years and I am excited at what we can achieve.

Why did they choose us? We solve problems and deliver practical scaffolding solutions

As mentioned, we combine:

  • New Zealand experience + Australian experience + Customer-friendly technology and processes
  • A mix that lets us create practical, often innovative, solutions for complex jobs
  • And make light work of easy ones
  • We have completed over 450 projects for our 40+ customers
  • We are proud Site Safe members, Sitewise accredited, and have a strong safety record
  • We respond to all new business enquiries within 24 – 48 hours

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