Looking for an Auckland scaffolding company?


One that handles easy and tough jobs equally well?

Meet Evolution Scaffolding.


Our specialty? Tough jobs that need practical, often innovative, solutions. When it comes to this, our unique background gives us an edge. It also means we make light work of simple jobs. 40+ clients (many of them well-known) trust us with their scaffolding needs. To have our team swing into action for you, request a quote today. We are proud partners of Safe365, CHASNZ, Tòtika accredited and compliant under ISO45001.

Scaffolding services tailored to your needs

We offer commercial, residential, roof, construction, and indoor scaffolding services.


And provide everything from purpose- built scaffolding to temporary weather protection.


Plus, we do both one-off projects and scaffolding for regular, scheduled maintenance work.


Serious About Safety


We are Safe365 members, Qualify365 accredited, Tòtika compliant, ISO45001.


Problem Solvers


Problem solving is one of our strengths. Our unique background gives us an advantage here.


High Quality Work


Our business is family owned. Our personal reputation at stake. So, we make sure things are done right. Or put right.


Customer-Friendly Technology


We use software that lets you see your scaffolding design in 3D. And gives you easy access to work, safety, and inspection information.


Well Defined Processes


To make your job run smoothly, we have streamlined processes for quotes and carrying out work.


Deadline Driven


We work to your timetable as closely as possible. Even if, as a case study shows, this means a midnight start to meet a six- hour deadline.









Years Combined Experience



Years Site Safe Member

A fast-growing list of customers and projects, including:

  • 1M (maintenance)
  • Adbuild (building and construction)
  • Amstar (construction)
  • Aquaheat (HVAC/mechanical contractor)
  • Auckland District Health Board
  • Bondor Panels (fire resistant panel systems)
  • Bridge West (property management)
  • Gibson O’Connor (construction)
  • Kone Elevators
  • L & P Commercial (commercial cleaning)
  • McConnell Dowell (infrastructure construction)
  • Port of Tauranga (infrastructure and logistics)
  • Smart Solution Homes (pre-finished homes)
  • Solution Street (residential developer)
  • Versatile Homes (West Auckland) (home builders)


  • Auckland Hospital
  • Auckland University
  • BMW dealership, Wairua Road
  • Chelsea Sugar Factory
  • Elmstone House (heritage home)
  • Greenlane Hospital
  • Massey University
  • Ostro Brassiere and Bar
  • Radio New Zealand Building
  • Starship Hospital
  • Tunnel Project (St Marys/Pt. Erin)

Pre-Evolution, our individual experience includes working for or on:

  • An ammonia nitrate plant (Western Australia)
  • Antipodean Pacifica Hotel
  • Barrow Island (a Class A protected island)
  • BHP
  • Caltex Refinery (Brisbane)
  • Chevron
  • Ichthys LNG | Inpex
  • Oz minerals
  • Rio Tinto
  • Warkworth Motorway
  • Wiggins Island Coal Jetty upgrade

Put our skilled team to work on your scaffolding project

When you choose us, you get a team that works together day-in, day-out. From planning to logistics to assembling your scaffolding, everything is well co-ordinated.


Our mix of skills, experience, and customer-friendly technology enables us to:

  • Create practical, often innovative, solutions for the tough scaffolding jobs.
  • And make light work of the simple ones.
  • We have completed 450+ scaffolding projects for more than 40 clients.
  • In addition, we are Site Safe members, Sitewise accredited, and have a good safety record.
  • To see what we can do for you, request a quote today.
  • We reply to all new business enquiries within 24 – 48 hours.

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82 The Concourse, Henderson
Auckland 0610

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