The Scaffolder Games 2019

The games cover a vast array of skills and competency evaluations. Listed below are the events.

  1. Safe worker award – Get judged for your safe work practices and Health & Safety skill & awareness levels.
  2. Bench press – For all scaffolders, entry not required. Weight divisions 60-72KG, 73-85KG, 86-98KG, 98-110KG, 100 – Beast KG!
  3. Pipe balance challenge – Balancing 21, 21-35 (with .5 joiners).
  4. Crew tower builds – 3D tower, plans send out 14 days earlier. gear will be supplied by scaffold equipment supplier.
  5. Lugging speed relay – Teams of four pass gear, around cones, over hurdles and stack back in a stillage.
  6. Best scaffold spanner trick – Spinning, flipping (All must be under head height).
  7. 10 single scaffold clips ON / OFF challenge – Must be a spanner, not battery drill.


  1. Safest worker award nominated from crews in the tower build challenge.
  2. Best Crew – 4 person crew mixed, family or company / contractor crew.
  3. 1st, 2nd & 3rd place – Best individual performance.
  4.  Top veteran Scaffolder award – 45+.

Rules of entry

  1. Entry to ‘the scaffolder games’ must only be as an individual or crew of 4 (Crew will have to have a name). No company entries allowed, the crew must have a minimum of two different companies in the team.
  2. You must wear your company PPE gear and supply all your own safety equipment that is up to date. Hard hat, Hi-Viz, Harness, Steel cap boots.
  3. All entrants must have a minimum qualification level to be granted entry. Site Safe, Heights training 15757, Harness training 23229 and either Elementary, Intermediate or Advanced level scaffold ticket.
  4. General scaffolders may enter bench press competition only, not limited to qualifications or entries.

Types of volunteers

The ‘Scaffolder Games is a free event. We need volunteers to help. We are looking for people to join and help our New Zealand Scaffold Community;

  1. Judges – Experienced Scaffolders with vast experience in safety, scaffolding and Scaffolding in NZ ‘Good practice guidelines’.
  2. Game referees – Referees that can time, track, take notes and judge each competitor on the specified event.
  3. Safety officers – We need experienced safety officers to help run the event smoothly and professionally without injury to the competitors and public.
  4. First aiders – If you have your first aid certificate and can help or competitors please help the crews at the Scaffolder games.
  5. Stage Manager – Performers, speeches, music and entertainment, suitable for an event planner.
  6. MC – Can you MC and address a big crowd? We need an excited, fun and professional MC for the day.
  7. Yard Manger – Coordinating trucks, scaffold equipment and deliveries.
  8. Parking wardens – It will be madness, we need you.

The Event

Time: 9:30 am – 3:00 pm.

Awards ceremony: 3:30 pm.

Entries: Ends on the 1st February 2019.

Event date: 9th March 2019.

Location: The Backyard Bar & Restaurant.
31 Northcote Rd, Hillcrest, Auckland 0627


  1. 20 crews of 4 only.
    Mixed and company crews must sign up and go through the qualification process for acceptance.
  2. No limit to individual entries.
  3. Entry cut off date 1st February 2019

Types of competitors

  1. Individual entry.
  2. Mixed crew of 4.
    From different companies.
  3. Company crew of 4
    From one company only.


Register for the 2019 Scaffolder Games

Registrations end: 1st February 2019.
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