When it comes to scaffolding, we are here to make your work life easier.


You may be from a building, construction, or maintenance company. Or perhaps you are a tradesman. Or a homeowner. Whichever one it is, if you are looking for a skilled and reliable scaffolding team we can help.

There are three rock solid reasons for this



We have a unique background. (One that benefits our clients in many ways).

We bring both New Zealand and Australian experience to the table. Local knowledge mixed with mining, oil & gas, rigging and crane operation skills.


This broad background means we:


  • Maintain high standards. New Zealand is catching up but Australia’s mining industry standards – which many of us were “raised on” – remain higher.
  • Are good at creating tailored scaffolding solutions. Our rigging experience, which involves making sense of plans, really helps here.
  • Can organise and manage crane operations. A great skill to have when working on tall buildings.


As a result of this…

We will happily tackle tough scaffolding jobs.


  • Whether it is working on heritage or architecturally designed homes.
  • Or on sites with access issues.
  • Or where extra care or a clever solution is needed.
  • These and other tricky jobs are our speciality.


In addition:

You get fast, easy access to information important to your job.


We use software that:


  • Shows you your scaffolding design in 3D before we build it. Making it easy for you to picture your “finished product”.
  • Allows your safety checks to be done digitally. And site documentation and safety plans to be recorded in real time. Giving you fast access to work procedures and inspection.
  • Lets us send you a digital design of your scaffolding plan alongside your quote.



We are a capable, well-organised team.

When you choose us, you get a team that works together day-in, day-out. From planning to logistics to assembling your scaffolding, everything is well co-ordinated. In addition to this, we have a broad view of our industry. The way we see it, our job is about more than planning, assembling and dismantling scaffolding. It is about contributing to the community. It is about making sure we keep our industry colleagues safe. And it is about doing our bit to help the economy.


For clients, this means:

We are serious about scaffolding safety.


We invest significant time and money into our safety training and processes.


Specifically, we:


  • Are proud Site Safe members
  • Are Sitewise accredited
  • Have our Site Safe cards
  • Have had first aid, working at height, and working in confined spaces training
  • Have regular drug and alcohol tests
  • Hold EWP (Elevated Work Platform) endorsements
  • Have licences to operate machinery (trucks, hi-abs etc.)


Our training is made up of formal qualifications, using NZQA accredited training providers. Plus, in-house coaching and hands-on training. As a result of this, we have an excellent safety record. We also have an excellent record of delivering for our clients and promise you:

We will do the job right. Or put things right.


Our business is family-owned. So, our personal reputation is at stake on every job we do. Because of this, we promise: “If we don’t get your job right the first time, we will do our very best to correct things”. And part of doing the job right includes making sure you know all your scaffolding costs upfront. (There are no project-disrupting big budget surprises.)


This may not sound like a big deal, if you believe you should expect this anyway, we agree! But if you’ve been a victim of “under quoting” or hidden charges in the past…and suffered the budget blowout consequences…you’ll know why we mention it. At its worst, under quoting can add 50% to your true (final) scaffolding costs. The main cause? Variations. These costs are triggered when extra work, outside the original scope of work, needs to be done. And they are why we always start with a full assessment of your scaffolding needs. By doing this, we can give you a truer picture of your scaffolding costs… and make sure you avoid any nasty budget surprises.


Moving on from this… We bring a wide range of individual skills and experiences to your project. Our team members have these broad scaffolding backgrounds.

Collectively, there aren’t many scaffolding challenges we haven’t faced before.


Which is why…



40+ clients trust us. Including many well-known names. When you choose us as your scaffolding contractor, you are in good company. Our growing list of clients includes these companies and organisations:

  • 1M (maintenance) (work Auckland wide)
  • Adbuild (work on Kainga Ora housing)
  • Amstar (work at a BMW dealership)
  • Aquaheat (work on Auckland and Greenlane Hospitals)
  • Auckland District Health Board
  • Bondor Panels (work Auckland wide)
  • Gibson O’Connor (work Auckland wide)
  • Kone Elevators (work at Procare, and Auckland and Greenlane Hospitals)
  • L & P Commercial (work at Massey University)
  • McConnell Dowell (work on infrastructure construction)
  • The Port of Tauranga (work on an asbestos upgrade project)
  • Solution Homes (work on Kainga Ora housing)
  • Versatile Homes (West Auckland)

We also work for many small to mid-size building companies and maintenance contractors. Plus, tradesmen and homeowners who want a trusted scaffolding contractor.

Why did they choose us? We solve problems and deliver practical scaffolding solutions

As mentioned, we combine:

  • New Zealand experience + Australian experience + Customer-friendly technology and processes
  • A mix that lets us create practical, often innovative, solutions for complex jobs
  • And make light work of easy ones
  • We have completed over 450 projects for our 40+ customers
  • We are proud Site Safe members, Sitewise accredited, and have a strong safety record
  • We respond to all new business enquiries within 24 – 48 hours

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