McConnell Dowell Case Study


McConnell Dowell, one of New Zealand’s leading infrastructure construction companies.


The challenge

To create an innovative, yet uncomplicated, solution for a tunnelling project.


Specifically, to create a scaffolding platform that:


Was big enough to do the job required without getting in the way of a crane
Had curved handrails
Could be easily moved
Didn’t need scaffolders on site to modify it


To achieve this, careful and accurate measurements were required.


The solution

To meet our client’s needs we used two scaffold mobiles which can attach and detach together.


This solution:


Kept the scaffold within the size limit, and out of the way of the crane operator.
Could be easily moved when needed.
And could be modified without needing expert scaffolding help permanently on site.


This may seem to be an obvious solution but we intentionally created this case study to show that complicated isn’t always needed or best. Often, the best solution lies with keeping things simple. You don’t always have to get “clever” or over-engineer solutions.

Need a problem solver to work on your scaffolding project

When you choose us, you get a team that works together day-in, day-out. From planning to logistics to assembling your scaffolding, everything is well co-ordinated.


Our mix of skills, experience, and customer-friendly technology enables us to:

  • Create practical, often innovative, solutions for the tough scaffolding jobs.
  • And make light work of the simple ones.
  • We have completed 450+ scaffolding projects for more than 40 clients.
  • In addition, we are Site Safe members, Sitewise accredited, and have a good safety record.
  • To see what we can do for you, request a quote today.
  • We reply to all new business enquiries within 24 – 48 hours.

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